Oh, Hello 2nd Menopause

2nd menopause is interesting.

Am I in the elite few, that get to do this twice?  I mean, if it’s worth doing, you may as well do it twice, right?  Hugs to my soul sisters that have also hit the 2xMenopause milestone!

1st menopause was, I guess, as expected.  Night sweats, hot flashes, other stuff…

Well, maybe not totally as expected, due to its inception being chemo-induced, and not natural, but, looking back, the symptoms were spot on to what was expected.  ~yawn~, I do not miss those days!

2nd menopause though, way different.

The night sweats are not as prevalent.  The hot flashes are not as severe.  They still happen.  Does my random afternoon tiredness stem from this? Who knows, but man, do I crave naps these days.  I may upgrade my couch just to make napping more comfortable..just wait.

What I just can’t figure out, during 2nd menopause, is, what is reality?  Is it really warm in here? Is it just me?  Is our A/C not pulling its weight?  Obviously, I’d never tell Mike I’m warm, he would take that as an affirmation that the house is too warm, and in need of cranking down the A/C, please ignore the sweat beads forming on my forehead….

2nd menopause doesn’t trend with that crazy, super hot, super cold give me more covers cycle that 1st menopause introduced me to.  It’s like a creeper, hanging out, trying to confuse you with it’s indirection.  Bastard.  I never know what the reality is.  It makes me wonder, is it warm in here?  or no.  Grrrrrr.  Can I just have the energy to exercise.  You F@*%er.

I’m hot.  I’m tired.

I’m cold.  I’m awake.

Oh, 2nd menopause, I will beat you, but you are an annoying asshole.


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I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I suffered through chemo, surgery, and radiation. I won.

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