The Big, Bad Card Company – exploiting cancer?


Huh…  Wow…  That’s something I wasn’t expecting to see.  

I had gone into CVS to buy a card.  Right at eye-level was a card with that sentiment.  

I was for a quick second impressed – they are finally making it easier for people who want to send something to their friends, but don’t know the right words. Maybe take away some of that, “what should I say” anxiety, and give them a card that they can mail.  I finished reading the inside, closed it, and there it was.  The symbol.  Made it look all legit.  I glanced around at its neighbor cards in the rack.  There were a few other cancer related sympathy cards, with different sentiments.  All proudly displayed the American Cancer Society logo on the back of them.  

There were also some placards with information in this section, mostly just saying “American Cancer Society,” but none had the information I was really looking for.  Something, anything to show me how much of the proceeds of this card go to a cancer related cause.  Research, charity, anything.  There was no information.  I glanced at the back of the card again, and read what it said.  “Hallmark is proud to support the American Cancer Society.”  But it didn’t say how.  It did instruct me to find out how at

I set my hand basket down on the ground, took my phone out and snapped a couple pictures of this card, including the back side, which had the logo, and the website.  I figured I’d do some research when I got home.  

Back at home, I went to the website.  It was a donation page at the American Cancer Society.  Nothing about the big bad card company.  I went to the big bad card company’s website.  Searched for American Cancer Society.  Nothing.  Found the card on-line, looked to see if the on-line info offered any information about charity or donations.  Nada.  

I went to the ‘contact us’ section, and sent them a note, including this question:

Do any of the proceeds from the sales of these cancer cards go to support any type of cancer research?  If so, how much?  Is it a percentage?  If so, what is the percentage.

They sent back this:

Thank you for contacting Hallmark.

We do apologize but, we do need a bit of information from the card to look into this for you. If you can look for what is called a SKU letters and numbers on the card this would help. The SKU number should be printed near the printed price on the back of the card. We would also need the price of the card as well. Once we have this information we will be able to find this information for you. Hope to hear back from you soon.

OK, I get it, you get thousands of questions about your line of cancer cards, you may have hundreds of cancer related donations and you want to be sure you give me the exact correct answer.  Lucky for me, that bar code was plainly visible in the pictures I took.  So, I responded:

Hello and thanks for the response. 

The SKU number is 09200 54677 6 and the printed price on the card is 4.99 

Thank you. 

Finally, I got an answer back:

Thank you for contacting Hallmark.

In response to your question, we send $0.22 per card from our Mother’s Day cards. For more information, please visit

We appreciate your interest in Hallmark and hope we were able to help you.

Well, let me start with this.  If someone thinks this is an appropriate Mother’s Day card, you are wrong.  While being cancer free on Mother’s Day is a fabulous thing, I’d like my  card to include something about being a mother.  That’s why I get the day.  

It also makes me wonder….how do they ensure their donations go to the right place?  Are there other cards that make it into the ‘$0.22 goes to mom’s day’ bucket?  Maybe not just the cancer cards?  Is Komen even a good place to donate?  I have heard mixed reviews in the past, but never could find out how much of what they get goes to cancer related charities.    

Who knows.

But…I guess at the end of the day, $0.22 goes to a cancer cause.  Do with that information what you will.  

For those of you still on the fence about what to say, what to do, how to bridge that awkward, ‘what do I say to them’ phase of your friend’s cancer journey – let me put this out there for you, there is a fabulous website, Ticking Off Breast Cancer –

Click on the ‘For Friends and Family’ tab.  This site has great advice if you are at a loss.  And hey, once your friend has finished their treatment, “Let’s go celebrate!!” is a great conversation starter.  

As always…F*Cancer! 


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I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I suffered through chemo, surgery, and radiation. I won.

4 thoughts on “The Big, Bad Card Company – exploiting cancer?”

  1. This will really make people “think before you pink” Breast Cancer Action’s push to stop the pinkification of breast cancer as a corporate marketing ploy. I’m reminded of the following horrific American Express penny per TRANSACTION in their campaign years ago that indicated from marketing-speak that it would be per dollar -which is still a tear in the ocean: “American Express’s “Charge for a Cure” campaign donates one penny every time a cardholder makes a transaction. That means, of course, that cardholders would have to make 100 transactions to donate $1 to the Komen foundation. American Express also caps its total donation at $500,000, which the corporation can then write off on its taxes.” Check our this link if you’ve not already done so
    Driver of


    1. I agree. I am not (totally) against the pink, I like the awareness, and that it can remind others to do their self-breast examinations and schedule their mammograms and other tests, but it infuriates me as I’ve learned how some companies put products out there for their own profits that don’t support breast cancer research/cures or any cancer research or cures. It should be illegal for companies to profit off of our suffering.

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      1. Here here. But it’s hard for ghosts to be heard isn’t it! And given the political situation in the US I seriously doubt anything would be done in the ensuing aftermaths of the administration. I’m just hoping that I my Medicare stays in tact.

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