Our page is gone

I am a bit troubled.  A bit heartbroken.

When my wonderful mother-in-law passed from ovarian cancer, we researched to find the best cancer research foundation to honor her memory.  We found OCRA – Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.  We looked into how much of the donations went to ovarian cancer research, it was the right place for us to forward donations from us, and those from our loved ones.

We created our own tribute page, uploaded the perfect picture, one from my in-laws 50th anniversary Alaskan cruise, and I sent it out to the world.  It was included in the obituary, and I linked it on my blog.

Today, I went to update my blog a bit, sort of organize things a bit better, and in doing such, I clicked on all my links, to make sure they were still active.

I clicked on the link to our tribute page, the one we had titled “In Myrt’s Honor.”  Gone.  The link did go to the main OCRA page, but the tribute, the picture, the counter showing the thousands of dollars we raised for the cause in Myrt’s honor was no longer there.  I searched the website, to see if I could find a way to see the page, and if the fundraising counter was still active.  Also gone.

Gone but definitely not forgotten.  Never forgotten.

I had gotten emails from the site, informing me they would be making updates, I guess I never thought the history of our tribute page would disappear though.

I have updated the link on the side of my blog, with the main webpage, for anyone that would like to donate to an ovarian cancer fund.  I still believe in the work the organization does.  If you donate, feel free to add “In Myrt’s Honor” to your donation, to honor a great lady, Myrt Klein.


Link to the OCRA website, in case you want it:


Our original donation page, because I can’t bring myself to delete it:


We miss you every day.





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I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I suffered through chemo, surgery, and radiation. I won.

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