Is our wine being ruined?

I started shying away from California wines when reports of arsenic in them hit the news.  It didn’t affect me too much, the Italian wines have been my favorite for years.

Then, one of the annual California burning events occurred, and I watched the fire-fighters trying to subdue the wildfires by dumping massive amounts of fire retardant on the fires.  I understand the chemicals are a necessary evil – the fires must be stopped, but it made me wonder about the long term effects of those chemicals.

They have to end up somewhere, and being dumped all over the state means they will get mixed into the rains that eventually fall, work their way down into the ground water, and will in some amount get into whatever crops that are growing there.

So, I stopped drinking the California wines.

I had enough chemicals pumped through my veins during chemo, I’d like to be able to enjoy a glass of wine and not worry about it being toxic.

Then Australia started burning, and I do like their wines.  I have to now consider putting them in the same category as the California wines.  I’m sad that I may not be able to support their economy for a bit, especially after what the county has been through, but a person has to put her own health first, right?

Now, just the other day I just saw a news report that a chemical plant exploded in Spain.  GAH!!  My favorite four dollar Trader Joe’s wine comes from Spain, I can’t help to wonder if it will become tainted too.

OK, World, we get it, bad things happen, but can you please settle down and stop tainting our wines?  A person needs to be able to relax in peace, don’t you know.






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I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I suffered through chemo, surgery, and radiation. I won.

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