Perfect little picture frame

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This picture frame is great.  In this digital age, who ever really uploads, prints out, or does anything with all those pictures you have stored in your smartphone?

We needed one that could support both iPhone and Android.  Pictures can be uploaded through a app called Frameo (free app).

Set up was super quick, I turned it on, connected to WiFi & once it went through a firmware update that took about a minute, I followed the instructions to ‘add a friend.’  It generated my code which I entered into the Frameo app, and boom, I was connected.

Uploading pictures is actually really fun, since you can add a caption to the picture, I like to add in where and when the picture was taken.

We connected eight people to the frame, and everyone started uploading pictures, and we set the frame to cycle though them randomly.

It automatically turns off at night (default is to run from 7AM – 11PM), which is perfect.

It is super light, which surprised me, which makes it feel a little cheap, but honestly, once you set it up, it just sits there, so who cares?  I also bought the 3-year warranty just in case, but hopefully won’t need to ever use it.

If anyone is looking for a great gift for birthdays, mother’s day, maybe even valentine’s day, I highly recommend this product!

10″ Digital Photo frame (affiliate link)


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