Hair products

I created a page to link all the hair products I used when my hair was growing out.

As I was creating it, I surprised myself with remembering how much effort I had to put into my locks those days.  Not like I was living in the ’80s type of effort, but for what I was used to before, it was quite a bit.

Now, I’m back to my pre-chemo routine, where I wash, condition, comb and go.  That’s it. But I’m glad to finally go back and consolidate all I did in one link.

Check it out here!


End of an..era? aka Head Shaving mini-anniversary

I just finished up the last bit of conditioner in the bottle.  In the bottle that I bought before I was diagnosed with cancer.  The bottle that I had before my hair all fell out.  In 2016.  The bottle that sat, untouched, for months in the shower, but I didn’t find the need to move it to the cabinet.

I noticed, of course, that it was running low.  Just last week, I had to turn it upside down so that I could get the last bits out if it, and not be wasteful.  In our last trip to the store, I went to the shampoo/conditioner aisle.  As I went to grab some conditioner, I had to pause and consider…do I really need conditioner for dry/damaged hair?  It’s not been up there for that long, it certainly hadn’t had a chance to become dry or damaged, heck, it’s barely been in the ocean once since it came back.  Do I need the kind for flat/limp hair?  Something to add body.  Well, no, it’s got quite a bit of fluff to it, in fact, if left to its own devices, it can get a bit pouffy…so, what’s the right kind?  Decisions I’ve not had to make, well, ever, to be honest.  Back in the day, mom would buy the hair products and I would use them.  By the time I had to fend for myself, my hair was really long, so something to add moisture, usually the one for dry/damaged hair, sometimes one that added body was my way to go.  What should I buy now?  It’s my brand new hair.  It was an interesting quandary to be in for sure.

So, earlier this week, I squeezed out the last tiny bit of the perfect conditioner for my old hair, and set up the new bottle, to take care of my locks for the next phase.  Hope I made the right choice.  If not, well, it will be a lot less than two years before I need to replace it, and start all over again.

It’s funny that as I entered the week that I replaced my conditioner, I have a calendar reminder of one of my mini-anniversaries.  Oct. 25th is the two year anniversary of my first round of head shaving.  It’s hard to believe that it was two years ago when that took place.  It seems so much more recent, but at the same time, so very, very far away.  We took Miranda’s advice on that first shave, and let Nick do it.  There was a second, final shave, but that one wasn’t nearly as exciting.

It’s weird to let someone else shave your head for the first time.  I totally get why young children get so freaked out about it when they’re in the chair.  Clippers buzzing near your ears is not natural.  We took some large chunks, and used scissors on them first.  I must admit, I was not entirely trusting of either of the boys for this part…I didn’t think they would cut me, or cut an ear off, I mean, not really, but…the possibility of being stabbed did worry me.  Nick finally getting those clippers in his hand, after months of waiting, was a great prize for him.  Even Mike had a go at the shaving experience.  Eventually, the buzzing got the best of me, and I took over for the finishing touches.  Prior to this cancer nonsense, I never thought we’d have a family head shaving day on MY head, that’s for sure.  And while no one will be knocking down my door to change careers to a hair styling profession, I think we did ok.  And Miranda was right, Nick did have a great time doing that, I was glad she put that thought in our heads, and that we told Nick early on that he could shave my head when the time came.  He loved it!





I still have the caps

The caps were such a big part of my wardrobe when I was undergoing treatment.  I had ditched the itchy, horribly uncomfortable wig, and moved on to the super soft and comfy caps.

Once my hair started growing back, and my sensitive head could tolerate the wind and outside temperature, I ditched the caps and just went au natural.

I continued to use the caps though…around the house, on weekends and evenings, when my head was cold, once my hair started getting longer, I would wear them while exercising, or cleaning, or just randomly sitting around to keep the annoying short bang hairs out off of my forehead.

Tonight, while in a writing mood, and the eye-stye driving me crazy, I plopped one of my old familiar friends back on my head, to keep all the random stray hairs out of my eyes.  When I went up to say good-night to Nick, I briefly wondered if he would comment about the fact that I’d thrown a cap back on my head, him likely knowing that I was not in the middle of exercising, or cleaning or anything exciting.  He did not.  I found that mildly-interesting and hugely comforting.  The sight of the cap did not give him any worries or fears.  It was just something on my head.










Is there a chemo/eye-stye correlation?

Seriously.  I want to know.

I don’t recall seeing anything about it in all of the “what to expect” documents they gave me.  I don’t recall ever reading anything about it on the various things I did go out and research.

In my 43 years pre-cancer & chemo, I never had a stye.  Never, not once.  However, once my hair, and eyebrows, and eyelashes all grew back, in less than a year I’ve had two styes.  What’s up with that?

And it didn’t happen while my follicles were growing back in, when it may make sense that I would get one.  Nope.  It was after my eyelashes seemed to be at their final length.  My immune system should be working back at its normal pace.  If anything, I’m even pickier than I was pre-cancer about hand washing, sanitizing, staying clear of other people’s germs, etc.  Because those months of a weakened immune system do stick with you.

And I don’t think it’s because my hair may be at that length where it’s irritating my eyes.  I mean, yes, it is at that length, but I don’t think that is the cause.  I pretty much hate my hair in my face, so I keep it back using clips, barrettes, bands, hats and things.

So.  What gives?   Is it a thing?  Anyone know?  Thanks.

Longer..ish.. hair

It’s been a while since I’ve done a hair update.  I went through a boring phase, where not much was changing.

Well.  Not anymore.  Got several changes going on.  Sometimes I fear that I may wake up one day, sporting a mullet, and no one will have the heart to tell me.  Listen, people.  You are my friends.  It is your duty to tell me.  The mullet should never come back.  Deal?

So, first and foremost.  I totally can do a pony-tail again!!!  The hell you say, right?  Well, I won’t be all out in public with a pony-tail, but I’m here to tell you, with the tiniest of hair-bands, it is possible!!  (ish)

Also, some days, maybe you’ve gotta flip the part to the other side.  Hey, why not??

1 year, 1 month, 1 day, post-chemo.  It’s doing quite nice, wouldn’t you say?!

A day of fabulous….with weights

So, today started out fabulous.

I had a great workout last night, lots of fresh veggies with dinner, and then a cozy fire.  I woke up feeling good and well rested.  After months and months of crappy sleep, it was great to wake up feeling well rested.

Then my hair cooperated nicely, this growing out phase seems to be going well right now.

I pulled on a pair of jeans, still warm, fresh out of the dryer, and threw on some earrings for the first time since my hair fell out.  Personal reasons, none of my earrings seemed to look right with my bald/wig/scarf/cap look.  I’m sure it was all in my head, but, no matter, all in the past.

I left the house just feeling refreshed.

All of that feel goodness, and my pile of fresh fruit this morning carried me right into tonight, with a quick jaunt on the treadmill followed by some much needed weight lifting.

Much needed.  Much, much needed.  Why?  Because menopause increases a woman’s risk of osteoporosis.  Especially early onset menopause.  Regardless if the cause of said menopause is natural, or as a side effect of chemo.  Chemo can decrease bone density.  Low estrogen levels can reduce bone density.  Weight bearing exercises can help prevent bone loss.

So that is one of my fitness goals this year, add weight training back into my fitness routine.  Starting today.  I will take charge of my on bone…destiny!!

1 year, 9 days, and 1 haircut later

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a hair post.  There is not much new or exciting in the world of Anita hair, but it is growing out.

I’m also still terrible at hair selfies, so, they will continue to come out at odd angles.  The straight on shots don’t seem to actually capture any bit of what may be helpful to seeing what my hair looks like.

Now that it’s longer, I kindof have this routine.  I towel dry the tiny bit of a mop that it is.  Then I still use a little of my texturizing beach spray,……, y’know to give it a little bit of volume.  Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t it, but it seems worth it.

Then I clip as much of it back as I can, with these little clips, to let it dry away from my face, anti-bang if you will.

I let it just sit like that while I’m wandering around in the morning, getting ready, getting Nick up and ready to go, then I pull the clip out, smear in some finishing paste, tousle it a bit, and good to go.  Today, I pulled out Nick’s pomade left over from his Elvis costume, and discovered that it’s a bit stickier than the regular finishing paste.  Perfect for keeping those pesky bangs out of my face.  Worked perfect!!  Hair stayed out of my face all day long.


I don’t know where I’ll end up with this hair, but I’ve certainly figured out how to handle this stage!!