Cold bald heads, and a bit of family resemblance

It was like karma.  I mean, how many bald jokes can one possibly make before karma knocks on your door and totally kicks you in the ass?

Things my bald brother never told me.

Ceiling fans are super cold. Like..really…super cold.  No one wants that breeze on their bald noggin’.

Hats can be very uncomfortable. Not all baseball hats are made equal. The only baseball hat I could stand to wear was my Nike Golf cap. The others had annoying seams and stuff that I don’t know how anyone could stand to wear sans hair. Oh and when it’s windy, you’ve got to tighten up those caps, because there is no pony tail back there acting as a safety lanyard to keep your hat from blowing away.

Not having hair makes your neck cold!! And sometimes your ears too.

Showing and getting ready in the morning takes zero time when you’re not worrying about shampoo/conditioner/combs/brushes and what not. Seriously, 5 minute showers do exist!!

You can actually wear the hoods of your hoodies. Now, I have a stockpile of hoodies I’ve accumulated over the years, and never once prior to losing all my hair did I ever actually use the hood part. I have made quite good use of them since, though.

Sometimes you need a sleeping cap. To leep that aforementioned breeze away.

Sunscreen is a must. Even under a hat. Because the hats have holes. And the first time you sunscreen your bald head it just seems weird. The second and third time too…..

Thanks for hanging in there all those years through all those bald jokes!!! Maybe you got me back a little!! 😉


New style? If you look real close…

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So, today was the first day I actually used conditioner again.  My hair certainly isn’t long enough again to require its use, but I just decided to rinse the dust off that ol’ conditioner bottle and add it into the routine today.

I realized, that my hair is actually getting long enough where it won’t hold that anti-gravity style that I’d been sporting.

I’ve still not figured out a good way to get a good selfie.  I asked Nick to take a couple of pics this morning, and the first picture I asked him to take, I said, “I just want to get a good pic of the how my hair looks.”  Well, every teacher he’s ever had…he totally followed directions.  So that would be the pic of just the top of my forehead & my hairline.

Anyway, I’m working the slightly longer style, today was just the beach chic spray (affiliate link), with the beach babe stuff. (affiliate link)  I was super pleased with the outcome!


(affiliate link) Beach Chic Spray

Beach Babe Texturizing Cream (affiliate link)

The Pompadour

As my hair started getting ‘longer’, I worked it into some sort of style.  I did not think the style I worked it into had any sort of official name, it was just what seemed to work.

Then….my son decided to be Elvis for Halloween.  He asked me if I knew how to style a pompadour.

I told him that I would totally figure it out.

So, I did what any responsible parent would do…I googled pompadour.  And watched a video or two.

OMG are you serious?!  Figure it out?  No need, I’ve been practicing how to create this style for months and didn’t know it!  Of course, I didn’t just stop at the shiny, slicked back official Elvis pompadour for myself.  But the steps were totally there.  Hair product, brush forward, brush back.  I made it my own at this point by adding a beachy inspired tousle to it, which technically makes it no longer a pompadour, but practice makes perfect, right?  So, yeah, his halloween Elvis hair turned out great!!

Long live the pompadour!!



F*Cancer in a big way

So, to me, nothing is more heartbreaking than the thought of a child dealing with cancer.

I think for most people this sentiment is true as well.  I also think that the reason of the heartbreak is the extent of our knowledge as adults.  I say this because I believe adults look at cancer in a different way than kids do.

The kids, the ones experiencing this, they are really the true rock stars.  It’s an amazing thing, their strength, their selflessness, their ability to cope better than those who have far surpassed them in years.  They are the tiny Heroes in their own journey.

I have a friend, Jessica, selfless in everything that you can imagine, who’s little one, Adam, is coping with cancer.  The definition of heartbreaking. This little hero is only 1 1/2 years old, and has just begun fighting his own battle.

If you would like to help a family during these holidays, please consider donating to Adam’s GoFundMe site, it would certainly help his family in so many ways.  Adam’s site is linked below, as well as on this sidebar of this blog.

My eyes are welling with tears as I write this post, my son randomly whistling Ode to Joy in the background, very appropriate for this time of year.

Post Chemo Hair

I’ve had super long hair for years.  Hippie Chick was a nickname a dear friend had bestowed upon me.  Then I discovered I had breast cancer, and a side effect of my treatment, as expected, was losing all my hair.

Once I was done with chemo, and my hair started growing back, I found it very difficult to find on-line hair styling ideas.  My hair had seriously not been at this length since toddler-hood.  I really had no knowledge on styling ideas, products or anything.  I decided to take pictures, the best I could manage selfies, to help document how I figured out how to style my hair.

Then I decided to start this blog.  Decided that my first series of helpful posts should be hair related.  So, sit down, and enjoy.

I hope it helps!!


Found a new product

This page contains links (affiliate links).  If you want to know more about it, please click here.  These links are for US based folks.

So, I found a new hair product, and tried it out, and was very pleased with my hair outcome today.

The new product is called Beach Babe Texturizing hair cream (affiliate link).  I still used my Texturizing beach spray first, then added a dollop of this Beach Babe stuff.  I was super pleased.  It totally made my hair crunchy, so in a high wind environment, I’m not sure how this may hold up, but for the run of the mill, office day environment, super successful!

10 months post-chemo.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream (affiliate link)